Located in the Porsche Experience Center, Restaurant 356 is a contemporary restaurant, with a relaxed yet elegant feel. 
Described in early advertisements as “Driving in its finest form,” the 356 was the first automobile to carry the Porsche Family name. Designed and engineered from the simple components of aluminum, leather, and steel and providing a driving experience like nothing before it, the 356 set the standards of luxury and performance that Porsche has continued to embody. We carry forward these principles at Porsche’s home in America through Restaurant 356. Inspired by our artisan engineer predecessors, we crafted a menu unlike any before. From simple ingredients and innovative techniques, we provide an experience of “Dining in its finest form.”

The Porsche restaurant offers fine-dining with a refined yet approachable menu highlighting a wine program celebrating the great wine-growing regions of the world and innovative, classically-focused cocktails. Featuring coveted views of the all-new world-class 1.6 mile driver development track and the world’s busiest airport, 356 is a premier dining destination.

The seasonal menu is rooted in high quality ingredient-driven dishes that marry diverse flavors and techniques seamlessly culminating the Porsche experience. With a great passion to cultivate partnerships with local farmers, foragers, and artisan craftsmen, our chefs are dedicated to the quality and integrity of our ingredients. Restaurant 356 provides elegant offerings that excite the senses, engage the palate, and satisfy the appetite.


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We are a destination for driving. And the most important input to driving is you, the driver. That’s why all of our drive programs have been designed to have you work one-to-one with a Porsche Drive Coach. Our team of coaches will help you learn how to get the most out of a Porsche, become a better driver, and of course – have fun. And with a fleet of over 75 of the latest model Porsche vehicles to choose from, the hard part will be deciding what car to drive.

We are also more than just a track. We are a venue that allows you to have a better understanding of the brand’s heritage.  With a rotating display of vehicles from both the Porsche Museum in Germany and collectors in the United States, we want to provide an environment that immerses you in the Porsche culture. And what venue would be complete without a first-class restaurant – here we look to take care of all your senses.